Behind the Scenes: Chaïma, Lead Account Manager

27 July 2023

We’re convinced that support and project management are key elements for a successful language training project. That’s why we give every one of our clients their own individual project manager.

We believe in the importance of human contact and are committed to ensuring the success of your language training project.

Discover our interview with Chaïma, an Account Manager at Altissia.

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do at Altissia?

  I’m Chaïma, I’m Moroccan and I have a degree from the ICN Business School. I’m currently a Senior Account Manager at Altissia for the Middle East Africa region. My main mission is managing projects for this region and ensuring their success.

What languages do you speak?

  Arabic – French – English, and I’d also like to learn Spanish as I already know the basics (I’m studying it on our platform 😊!)  

What are the key factors in guaranteeing the quality and success of the projects you manage at Altissia?

Understanding the client’s needs and the overall goal of the project, being well-organised, as well as knowing how to communicate and anticipate.  

What is your secret weapon for ensuring the success of your projects?

I rely on my skills in client relations, diplomacy, organisation and planning.  

What are the main challenges or problems you or your clients face and how do you solve them?

  There aren’t really any problems, mainly just challenges which allow us – with the help of our clients – to move forward and offer even more solutions tailored to their needs.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

  The daily challenges – every day is different, so we can never get bored 😊. I also enjoy being in contact with clients from all sorts of sectors and collaborating with people of different nationalities, as this allows me to discover new cultures.

How does having a single point of contact make a difference to your clients and how does it work at Altissia?

  With a single point of contact at Altissia, we can centralise all information and requests on our end, then clearly and concisely convey the client's needs to the appropriate team. As an Account Manager, our mission is to provide a quality service to the customer while sparing them the complexity of the process and the various parties involved.