Live Classes

Hosted either individually or in small groups by our team of certified teachers, our Live Classes provide a secure and motivating opportunity to practice speaking and oral interaction for improved foreign language fluency and communication skills.


1-to-1 or Group Classes?

Choose between 1-to-1 and Group Live Classes, depending on your organization's goals, budget, and your team’s learning preferences. Our 1-to-1 Live Classes offer individual attention from a teacher and can target specific language goals. For a more collaborative and cost-effective approach that utilizes peer interaction, Group Live Classes are the best option for you. Tailor your training to meet your organization's unique requirements.



Individual Instruction

In 1-to-1 classes, the learner has the instructor's undivided attention. This allows for a highly personalized learning experience tailored to the learner’s specific needs, goals, and pace.

Focused Practice

The entire lesson is dedicated to individual, personalized language learning, allowing the learner to catch up on potential gaps or work intensively on specific language skills.


A secure and private setting to practice, learn, and even make mistakes.


Interaction with Peers

Group classes involve multiple participants, providing the opportunity to interact with peers, practice conversing with others, and learn from shared experiences.

Structured Curriculum

Structured lessons covering a wide range of language skills and topics that cater to a diverse learner audience.


The presence of peers motivates learners to excel and participate more actively in class.

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Pro-Pack, our premium solution for efficient language learning!

Experience the best of both worlds with a personalized and effective language learning program that combines autonomous work on Altissia's platform with interactive face-to-face classes online with an experienced teacher.


Full access to Altissia's platform

Offering >4000 hours of activities at all learning levels (A1- to C1), combining general and professional modules.

Language assessment

Accurate online language testing combined with an in-person needs analysis to evaluate the unique objectives of each learner.

Personalized training

Individual curricula designed by native-speaking and certified teachers, combining autonomous work on the platform with individual Live Classes to provide dedicated teaching to each learner.

Comprehensive follow-up

Activities selected and supervised by experienced teachers for guaranteed progress.

Detailed report

Learning analytics allow your organization to keep track of your learners’ progress and results.