General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use of ALTISSIA International S.A.’s online services.

These conditions are applicable as of 1st January 2006.

Conditions of Use and Disclaimer

Every user of ALTISSIA International S.A.’s services agrees to unconditionally respect these conditions of use, which will be presented to the user for acceptance before he/she is able to access the services.

ALTISSIA International S.A. is free to modify these conditions of use at any time. The user is therefore advised to refer to the online version at the date of his/her consultation. This will automatically be the most recent version of these conditions of use and is permanently available.

Access and Registration to Services

2.1. Place of Provision of Services

Use of services takes place exclusively online. The user therefore has a free choice of location for learning (place of residence, office, etc.).

2.2. Use of Services

In order to access the various courses and services, the user must register following the procedure described. Each user will be assigned a personal username and password, which will allow access the services.

2.3. Availability

Using his/her personal login and password, the user can access the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ALTISSIA International S.A. may be required to interrupt the services or part of the services for maintenance. The user accepts this temporary lack of access to the services without any form of compensation whatsoever.

2.4. Hardware and Software Requirements

The user accepts that he/she must have access to a computer with the following minimum technical specifications: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven or Mac OS X 10.1 or later, or a Linux Distribution (32 or 64 bits), resolution: 1024×768, Pentium III, 256 MB RAM, standard sound card, microphone, speakers or headphones/headset, Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 1.5 or later, Flash Player 9 or later. ALTISSIA International S.A. cannot be held in any way responsible in the case of difficulty in accessing the services if the user does not have the minimum technical requirements at his/her disposal.

2.5. Registration

When registering online, the user agrees to provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete personal information, as required in the registration form. In particular, the user agrees not to create a false identity. The user agrees to update the details provided at the time of registration as necessary and without delay. The rights of access to and use of the services are non-transferable. The user is identified by a personal username and a password, for which he/she is entirely responsible. The user agrees to keep this information secret and therefore not to disclose it.

2.6. Use of Cookies

ALTISSIA International S.A. reserves the right to place cookies on the user’s computer for the purpose of the use of the services. Cookies are small data files placed on your hard disk by the majority of websites so that you are recognised when you revisit the site. The ALTISSIA International S.A. website uses cookies to identify you easily when you visit it. The information collected by cookies is used solely for internal purposes and is never transmitted to third parties.

Confidentiality – Protection of Privacy Altissia handles your personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy, available at any time via the following link:

Content of Services The services provided by ALTISSIA International S.A. are described in the public pages of the website

Limitation of Liability ALTISSIA International S.A. guarantees that the services made available to the user meet maximum technical and security standards. ALTISSIA International S.A. will not, however, in any case be held liable for eventual direct or indirect damage, such as loss of operation, loss of data, etc., incurred by the user as a result of website malfunction. No guarantee is granted by ALTISSIA International S.A. to the user of its services. In general, ALTISSIA International S.A. cannot be held responsible for direct damage, accidents, compensation by way of sanction, secondary damage, particular damage or any other damage whatsoever, in particular damage incurred as a result of loss of use or loss of data relating to the use of the services, or delays or relating to the use of the website or the impossibility of use of the website. In any situation, the responsibility of ALTISSIA International S.A., on any basis and for any reason whatsoever, is never higher than the total sum invoiced to the client.

Disputes and Litigation The present terms and conditions of use are controlled, interpreted and applied in accordance with Belgian law. In the case of disputes or litigation arising from the present contract, Belgian law will be the sole applicable law and the jurisdiction of Nivelles the sole competent body. No information on this site may be published, reproduced or circulated in any manner whatsoever without the prior written authorisation of the author or rightful owner.

Royalties No information on this site may be published, reproduced or circulated in any manner whatsoever without the prior written authorisation of the author or rightful owner. The user recognises that information and data on the site are and remain the property of ALTISSIA International S.A. and undertakes not to modify anything. Any representation or reproduction, even partial, of the present publication, in any form whatsoever, including photocopying, photography, microfilm, magnetic tape, disk or any other electronic form is prohibited without the prior written authorisation of the author or rightful owner.

General Conditions of Sale Unless stipulated otherwise, our invoices are payable in cash to our head office. In the case of non-payment of an invoice on the due date, the payment of the total amount of the invoices addressed to the buyer will be payable ipso jure without formal notice. Any invoice not paid on the due date will be treated ipso jure and after a formal demand, will be subject to a late payment penalty of 12% per annum. Any invoice not paid on the due date will be subject to a fixed surcharge, ipso jure, and after a formal demand, of 15% of the unpaid amount, by way of damages, with a minimum of €75. In the case of litigation, Belgian law is applicable and the jurisdiction of Nivelles is the sole competent body.

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP, Vista or Seven; Mac OS X® 10.1. Internet browser: Internet Explorer® (version 7 and higher), Firefox® (version 3 and higher), Chrome®, Safari®, Android® 4.0 and higher, and iOS® 6 and higher.