Universidad Señor de Sipán (USS)


USS is a university located in the province of Chiclayo in the Lambayeque region of Peru.

Altissia and USS have maintained a fruitful partnership since 2020, enabling thousands of students to learn languages through the platform. The aim: In an increasingly competitive world, languages are a universal necessity. In an effort to provide greater and better opportunities to its students, USS, through its Language Center, wishes to internationalize the profile of its students, aiming for them to be proficient in a foreign language by the end of their studies.


What was USS looking for?

  • A high-quality pedagogical resource to internationalize students’ profiles.
  • A virtual tool to standardize and ensure transversal quality across the study languages offered by the university.
  • A provider with experience in the academic market to fit the needs of the higher education sector.
  • A personalized service in terms of communication, motivation, and assistance.
  • A platform that could be used both in the classroom and as a self-study tool.
  • A dynamic virtual tool for both teachers and students.
  • Original content.
  • A virtual platform that is easy to access and intuitive to use.
  • Available in the languages offered by the university’s Language Center: Portuguese, English, Italian and French.

Altissia provided:

E-learning for All

  • The language course platform in 24 languages (A1-C1 levels - Guided learning paths - Free navigation - News section)
  • Language assessment
  • A custom monitoring service
  • A pedagogical support strategy
  • A program management strategy
  • Subject-specific learning paths

What impact and results did Altissia’s solution have at USS?

Since 2020:

  • Thousands of students have been trained
  • Easy access to language learning programs for all students, even external ones
  • Improved learning experience personalization for students with specific needs
  • Undergraduate students can fulfil their academic requirements with ease
  • The demand for certifications each year continues to grow as a direct result of a successful program

Do you want to know more about Altissia’s solution for USS?

"From my experience with Altissia’s platform, I can say that it is an important tool for students learning the Portuguese language. Equally, the platform is very useful from a teacher’s point of view as I can monitor my students' progress and thus verify the time they dedicate to learning on the platform. I can also see any topics in which they encounter greater difficulties, and therefore reinforce the content so that the students can better master the language by the end of the course. Since the latest updates to Altissia’s platform, more and better content has been introduced, which was previously missing. This improvement allows students to practice a wider variety of language skills with the exercises on the platform. I can say it is the best language platform I know." Professor Pedro Miguel Dias Monteiro - Portuguese Course Teacher


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