Behind the Scenes: Joyce, Account Manager

28 May 2024

Today, we’re introducing you to Joyce Tavares, one of our Account Managers who has been working for four years in Altissia's Brazilian office.

A speaker of three languages, Joyce tells us the key ingredients to successfully carry out her main responsibilities, which range from monitoring contract deadlines and planning actions, to managing activities, supporting customers and preparing periodic reports.

In this interview, she tells us what it is like to be a mediator of this relationship between the customer and Altissia, and she also discusses the main challenges of her role on a daily basis, what is the differential in her work and, not least, what she loves most about doing what she does.

We invite everyone to get to know Joyce’s experience and learn about the important relationship between language teaching and project management at Altissia.

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do at Altissia?

My name is Joyce Tavares. I have been an Account Manager at Altissia for 3 years.

What languages do you speak?

Portuguese, English and Spanish.

What are the key factors to ensure the quality and success of the projects you manage at Altissia?

  • Anticipating what can be anticipated to deliver more accurately
  • Being flexible to meet unplanned demands
  • I try to stay informed about each customer to give suggestions according to their profile
  • Finally, offer "something more" whenever possible

What is your secret to the success of your projects?

Plan and execute with great dedication and enthusiasm. The customer feels it.

What are the main challenges or issues that you or your clients face and how do you solve them?

Keeping learners/employees engaged is our biggest challenge. We plan engagement actions and enhance them together. I adapt the motivational speech and look for the best and most succinct way to demonstrate the platform to make them get the message and stay engaged.

What do you like most about your job?

Seeing the positive impact of an action, such as increased access to and use of the platform.

How does having a single point of contact make a difference for your customers and how does it work at Altissia?

It builds a relationship of trust. The customer knows you are well supported internally, but at the same time, the customer feels that you are prepared to meet their needs and to seek out the resources they need. At Altissia, the teams involved are always willing to teach what they know and enthusiastic to create more by evolving our products and services.